Why is using less paper crucial?

March 29 2020 – Digital Marketing Integrated Collaborator

Loss Of Habitat

80% of the world’s land animals and plants live in the forest, potentially causing a habitat loss for millions of species. This could mean animals become extinct from the lack of shelter and protection causing a crash in our Biodiversity. The world’s Biodiversity provides us with our food, soil, clean water and provides us with medicine; without it we wouldn’t last long. Another possible outcome is that more animals will take to the streets searching for food and a place to stay. What this means for you is that you may find more bears, foxes, coyotes and many more in your backyard or smaller animals burrowed under your house or shed foraging for something to eat.

Source: https://www.buschsystems.com/resource-center/page/the-problem-with-paper

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