Details & How to Care

What Is It Made Of?
Cellulose + Cotton

What Are The Dimensions?
6.8” x 7.6” or 10"x 12"

How To Use It?
To clean-up spills or surfaces:
Squeeze (add your favorite cleaning product, i.e. Myer’s all surface cleaning)
Clean surface
Extend to dry


To wash dishes:
1) Wet it
2) Add soap
3) Wash dishes
4) Rinse
5) Extend to dry

    Where To Use It?
    - Kitchen
    - Bathroom
    - Patio
    - Garage
    - Office
    - BBQ
    - Pet areas
    - & many more!

      How To Care
      Place it on the dishwasher top rack or;
      Microwave damp for 1-2 minutes. or;
      Put it in the washing machine